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[S2E12] Collision Course

Well, here we are. It looks like each of our story arcs are on a collision course heading into the finale. Several characters have crossed lines this season and the consequences of these actions are set to play out very soon. This is gearing up to be a high-stakes finale.

[S2E12] Collision Course

The two women Jessica Jones loves most in this world, her biological and practical family, are on a collision course. While Trish recovers from the botched procedure to give her powers. Alisa has broken out of prison in order to kill her, under the mistaken belief that Trish killed her beloved Karl. Jess is stuck in the middle, trying to keep them from undoing each other and themselves.

The writers planned from the pilot episode to eventually kill Doakes off the show.[5] Executive producer Clyde Phillips said that Doakes "always had a shelf life because of the collision course [with Dexter]", while executive producer Sara Colleton believed it would be unrealistic to keep Doakes on for a third season without having him discover that Dexter is a murderer.[5] Rosenberg said that risks had to be taken on the show, and Doakes was "too good to not kill".[2] The character was killed to prevent recycling of used ideas, so that the writers would "stay aggressive and on top of it rather than repeat ourselves", according to Phillips.[5] Erik King, who plays Doakes, mentioned the difficulty in killing Doakes off the show because Dexter could not murder an innocent man, and so Lila was Doakes' killer.[6]

Commissioner Gordon is feeling unappreciated for his heroics and becomes tempted by Two-Face into running for mayor. They hatch a plan to boost his stock by busting up the wedding and capturing all the supervillains in attendance. True to his name, Two-Face informs Harley of this plan and she springs back to life to stop Gordon, putting the two on a collision course at the ceremony.

It's all led up to this! The penultimate episode of Andor on Disney Plus sees each of the show's major characters on a collision course for Ferrix, where an emotional funeral service is about to take place.

Back in Ketterdam, the Crows must forge new alliances as they contend with old rivals and even older grudges that threaten not only their place in the Barrel, but their very lives. When a chance at a deadly heist comes their way, the Crows will once again find themselves on a collision course with the legendary Sun Summoner.

Nemesis, as the Nth Degree, causes the Outrider Planet to swerve out of orbit, putting it on a collision course with Planet Yuma. The Star Sheriffs have to stop it, without the help of Colt who is still in the hospital.

Beth must live with the fallout after her plan to get Rio arrested fails. Meanwhile, the women's crimes finally catch up with them when evidence surfaces that puts them on a collision course with Agent Turner.

The thing with Eva serving Stacey meat was just perfect. Totally in character for an angry Hel, and of course, Eva would eat a LOT of meat, as a butcher and a goddess who just destroys plant food by being near it. 041b061a72


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