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Top 50 Gana Love Songs: Download MP3 and Enjoy Romantic Gana Music on

Gana Song Download Love: How to Enjoy the Best of Tamil Music

If you are a fan of Tamil music, you might have heard of gana songs. These are songs that are sung in the Madras Bashai dialect of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. They are rap-like "collection of rhythms, beats and sensibilities native to the Chennai people." They are also known for their catchy tunes, lively beats, witty lyrics, and social messages.

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Gana songs are a genre of music that has evolved over the past two centuries, with influences ranging from the siddhars (tantric adepts) of ancient Tamilakam to rural Tamil folk music to Tamil sufi mystics. They have become popular in the mainstream Tamil film industry, college campuses, and online platforms. They have also been used for social activism, especially against caste discrimination.

If you want to enjoy the best of gana music, you might be wondering how to download and listen to gana songs online. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about gana song download love. We will explain what gana music is and why it is popular, how to download and listen to gana songs online, and how to appreciate and enjoy gana music more.

What is Gana Music and Why is it Popular?

The History and Evolution of Gana Music

The term "gaanaa" is the colloquial word in Madras for "music", which is of Hindostani origin. In literary Tamil, the word Gaanam (கனம்) means "tune", and in modern HindiUrdu gānā means "song". The genre arose in the slums and burial grounds of Chennai. Gaana singers have performed in the city for the past two centuries.

The art form can trace its descent from the siddhars (tantric adepts) of ancient Tamilakam, to the compositions of early nineteenth-century Tamil Muslim Sufi mystic Kunangudi Masthan Sahib, to Samuel Vedanayagam Pillai, popularly known as the first Tamil novelist. Kunangudi Masthan Sahib's songs are still sung by gaana singers today. Other strands of influence come from migrants from rural Tamil Nadu.

With the arrival of recording technology, gaana artists have been able to record their songs for posterity and earn income from them. In the 1990s, Tamil film composers brought gaana-inspired songs to movies. Composer Deva was instrumental in bringing gaana to blockbusters like Kadhal Kottai; his songs are still popular today. This newfound exposure led to the genre's popularity in college campuses. The genre's spread to campuses has led to criticism from gaana singers that its essence, "angst and melancholy" based in life's struggles, had been replaced by "themes of fun and romance."

The Types and Themes of Gana Songs

There are many types and themes of gana songs. Some of them are:

  • attu gaana: a type of gana song that is sung at funerals and death anniversaries. It is characterized by a slow tempo, a mournful tone, and lyrics that express grief, sorrow, and loss.

  • ottu gaana: a type of gana song that is sung at weddings and other festive occasions. It is characterized by a fast tempo, a cheerful tone, and lyrics that celebrate love, joy, and happiness.

  • paattu gaana: a type of gana song that is sung for entertainment and leisure. It is characterized by a moderate tempo, a playful tone, and lyrics that cover various topics such as romance, friendship, humor, politics, social issues, etc.

  • thara local gaana: a type of gana song that is sung by youngsters in colleges and streets. It is characterized by a high-energy tempo, a rebellious tone, and lyrics that reflect the aspirations, frustrations, and challenges of the urban youth.

Gana songs often use metaphors, similes, alliterations, rhymes, and slang to convey their messages. They also use references to popular culture, such as movies, celebrities, sports, etc. Some of the common themes of gana songs are:

  • love: gana songs often express the feelings and emotions of lovers, such as attraction, admiration, affection, devotion, longing, jealousy, betrayal, etc. They also describe the various stages and aspects of love, such as courtship, marriage, separation, reunion, etc.

  • friendship: gana songs often celebrate the bond and loyalty of friends. They also narrate the adventures and misadventures of friends, such as drinking, partying, fighting, helping, etc.

  • humor: gana songs often use humor to entertain and amuse the listeners. They also use humor to mock and criticize the society, politics, religion, etc.

  • social issues: gana songs often address the social issues and problems faced by the people. They also raise awareness and voice their opinions on topics such as caste discrimination, poverty, corruption, violence, etc.

The Famous Gana Artists and Songs

There are many famous gana artists and songs that have made a mark in the Tamil music industry. Some of them are:

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  • Gana Bala: he is one of the most popular and prolific gana singers in Tamil cinema. He has sung over 300 songs for various movies. Some of his hit songs are Aadi Pona Aavani (Attakathi), Vaanganna Vanakkanganna (Thalaivaa), Kaasu Panam (Soodhu Kavvum), etc.

  • Gana Ulaganathan: he is one of the pioneers and legends of gana music. He has been singing gana songs for over 40 years. He is known for his powerful voice and social messages. Some of his famous songs are Ennada Pollatha Vazhkai (Villu Pattukaran), Thanni Thotti Thedi (Sindhu Samaveli), etc.

  • Gana Sudhakar: he is one of the rising stars of gana music. He has gained popularity through his YouTube channel GANA SUDHAKAR OFFICIAL. He has sung many viral songs such as En Maima Peru Thanda Anjala (Chennai Gana), Mutta Kannala (Chennai Gana), etc.

  • Gana Stephen: he is one of the talented and versatile gana singers in Tamil cinema. He has sung for many movies and albums. Some of his notable songs are Karuppu Nerathazhagi (Komban), Kuchi Mittai (Aranmanai 2), Chennai Pasanga (Thani Oruvan), etc.

How to Download and Listen to Gana Songs Online

The Best Websites and Apps for Gana Song Download

If you want to download and listen to gana songs online, you have many options to choose from. There are many websites and apps that offer free or paid downloads of gana songs. Some of them are:[^14 Some of the best websites and apps for gana song download are:

  • this is one of the most popular and comprehensive online music platforms in India. It offers a huge collection of gana songs, as well as other genres of Indian and international music. You can stream or download songs for free or with a subscription. You can also access lyrics, podcasts, radio, and playlists on

  • JioSaavn: this is another leading online music service in India. It has a vast library of gana songs, along with other types of music. You can listen to songs online or offline with a subscription. You can also enjoy features such as recommendations, lyrics, podcasts, and original shows on JioSaavn.

  • YouTube: this is the world's largest video-sharing platform, where you can find millions of gana songs and videos. You can watch or download songs for free or with a premium account. You can also discover new artists, channels, playlists, and trends on YouTube.

  • Gaana Music Player, Songs App: this is a mobile app that lets you enjoy gana songs and other music on your phone. It has a user-friendly interface and a large collection of songs. You can download songs for free or with in-app purchases. You can also customize your caller tune, podcasts, and audio shows on Gaana Music Player, Songs App.

The Benefits of Streaming Gana Songs Online

Streaming gana songs online has many benefits for the listeners and the artists. Some of them are:

Convenience: you can access gana songs anytime and anywhere with an internet connection


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