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Rhythm Heaven Fever - Lonely Storm [ENG] [LYRICS]

Song: Lonely StormOriginal Composer: TsunkuPerformance: TheNewOrchestraAdditional Lyrics: MF5KLYRICS:Baby, I'm a broken man,I'm just a shatterin' storm.Baby, try'na find my wayas the lonely shadows swarm.Whoa, whoa, whoa!I'm just a man,missing you, please understand.Without you-ou-ou...I'm dyin'.No, no-one will knowhow I bear my pain alone.In the end, I choose my solitude.No, I can't go backto my days of innocence.Can't go back, there is no return.Another cycle of seasons has passed us by, and I can't help,I wonder, I wonder, I wonder just where you are now.I hear from everyone that you are different and thatyou are yet more beautiful than before.Whoa, whoa!If you say that you are happier now,and that's just the way you're feeling about everything now...Well then, I guess that's just the way that it is...(BREAK)Baby, I will never knowwhy I ain't forgettin' your smile.Baby, can you hear me sigh,as I watch the morning sky?Whoa, whoa, whoa!I left you, despaired,broken hearts can't be repaired.Oh, it's darlin'.Yes! People will know,I can't bear my pain no more.Can't go on, can't trust my solitude.Yes! I can't go backon my words of insolence.Can't repent, my dear, anymore.After a cycle of hours has passed us by I'll have vowedand I'll vow and I'll vow and I'll vow to remember you still.I'm filled with pain and regret when I hear that your heartis now taken by somebody else.Whoa, whoa!If you say that you are serious nowand that's just the way your love is just heading to now...Well then, I'll have to accept, that's my fate...(INSTRUMENTAL)

Rhythm Heaven Fever - Lonely Storm [ENG] [LYRICS]

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