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Paytm SBI Card Review – As per its name, it mainly focuses to provide Unlimited cashbacks for using PAYTM App. It could be a beneficial card for those who regularly use the Paytm app. it enables the cardholder to get up to 3% Cashback on Paytm Mall, Movies, and Travel. Furthermore, it offers unlimited 2% cashback on your day-to-day purchases through Paytm App.

Apart from Paytm app transactions, it also allows earning 1% Cashback on everywhere else online or Offline purchases.

As a Welcome gift on activation, it offers benefits up to ₹75,000 with a complimentary Paytm First Membership Program worth ₹899. Moreover, it also allows you to get fuel savings of ₹100 per statement cycle via a 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver for each transaction between ₹500 and ₹3000.

Milestone Gifts and Vouchers

On achieving the milestone of retail spending of ₹1 lakh within a year, it offers an e-Voucher for renewal of Paytm First Membership As a Milestone Gift, the Paytm First Membership e-Voucher will be awarded within 30 working days.

Privileges on Paytm SBI Card

It comes with a lot of additional features and Privileges –

  • Cyber Fraud Insurance protection – Get Insurance protection coverage up to 1 lakh on any Cyber Fraud and financial loss incurred due to fraudulent usage on your Paytm State Bank of India Credit Card.

  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver – On Each fuel purchasing transaction between ₹500 and ₹3000 Across any fuel station in India, it offers Max. up to ₹100 Per statement cycle fuel savings via a 1% Fuel Surcharge waiver benefit.

  • Add-on Cards – It supports the Add-On Cards feature to offer a lot of benefits and empower your family members.

  • Balance Transfer on EMI – SBI Offers a Balance Transfer on EMI feature to Transfer your other bank credit card’s outstanding balance to your SBI Paytm Credit card to get the benefit of a lower rate of interest.

  • FlexiPay Feature – Again, one of the most popular features launched by the State bank of India, The FlexiPay EMI Payment Method, it allows converting your big purchases of ₹2500 or more into easy monthly installments.

  • In App Additional Features – You can control your paytm card and use all Spend Analyzer, Smart Spend Control & One Tap Lock / Unlock and Convenient Card Re-issue features

The Annual and joining charges on Paytm SBI Card

The Joining membership fee On Paytm SBI Credit Card has ₹499 + GST Taxes which is a One-Time Payment. Furthermore, it has a Renewal Fee which will be ₹499 + GST Taxes that you must have to pay every year to renew the card.

How to Use Reward Points Redemption

Your Paytm SBI Card Earned all cashback will be automatically redeemed as a Paytm Gift Voucher balance. you can use Paytm Wallet linked to the registered mobile number on the card and you can check your cashback and use your balance by purchasing using the Paytm application.


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