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Where To Buy Irish Setter Work Boots

The Ashby is one our best selling 6 inch boots because of its versatility, comfort, and durability. This boot is made with full grain Trout Brook leather which is proudly tanned by the hard working people of Red Wing Minnesota using U.S. raised cattle. The toe is protected by an aluminum toe and the comfortable sole is a long lasting, heat resistant material that keeps you safe and secure in any environment. This boot is packed with everything you need and nothing you don't. Once you get these on your feet, you'll quickly realize why so many people choose the Ashby as their go-to boot.

where to buy irish setter work boots

Designed by Red Wing, the Irish Setter boot line has been satisfying customers with quality footwear since 1950. Their original hunting boots were crafted from a red-shaded leather, which is how the Irish Setter name was chosen. Today, the brand has expanded to include boots for work and outdoor recreation.

Irish Setter's lace-up boots are ideal for work or outdoor play. Designed with premium leather, a slip-resistant sole and a cushioned lining for comfort, your feet will remain safe and protected from the elements. Work-boot styles also contain a safety toe cap for added security.

Looking for a pair of work boots that not only look good, but deliver in terms of safety and comfort? Look no further than the Irish Setter Wingshooter Men's 6-Inch Safety Toe Boots. Crafted with precision for irreducible quality and designed for specific job requirements, these waterproof, full-grain leather boots will help you conquer any terrain. The padded collar is lined with breathable fabric as well as a removable EVA footbed and steel shank - to ensure long hours of comfortable wearability while walking or standing. Not to mention the heavy-duty rubber outsole that provides slip resistance making these boots the perfect companion up or down ladders or any uneven terrain. Get yours today and experience all the exclusive features these Irish Setter Wingshooter Boots have to offer!

I am on my second pair of these boots only because my company buys be a new pair every year. I work in a plant with muddy terrain climbing steel ladders and walking on metal grating. This environment is rough on boots and your feet and these have been the only boots that are truly waterproof that hold up. Plus these boots have a defined heel that most plants require.

Bought these boots back in March. Within two weeks the toes started to rip and finally the stitching completely ripped on the toe. Don't buy these boots if you're planning on actually using them for work. For what they are they are way too expensive

This has become my favorite Irish Setter boot - after having been very happy with the Hopkins boot. The traction tread really does have amazing traction -- I've never walked so fast. It almost feels like it rolls your feet forward in the tread design -- in a good way. Stable, but it somehow makes it possible to lean into the step. So far extremely comfortable. The front of the toes did scuff off the surface color, but with just a bit of the Natureseal rubbed into the scuffed areas they were great -- they darken at first but returned to a "new look" overnight. Otherwise I'd just clean with a slightly damp rag and some generic soap. Still looking excellent after 5 months. I use these for walking, not for work or hiking. For that I still use the waterproof Hopkins. These are "around the town" boots. I normally wear a 9.5 but found the 9 E (wide) was perfect for me.

I bought these boots in November 2019 for work. I work in construction and spend 50-60 hours per week on my feet in these boots. Constructing buildings in Central Ohio during the winter can get cold especially during the early stages of the building. These boots are going into their 3rd winter season and are still as warm as ever and completely waterproof. The price is worth the level of comfort and warmth you'll experience in these. 10/10 would recommend.

I have bad feet issues and these boots are so comfortable I can be on my feet 12 hours and it not be a problem. I also work in a plant that is nothing but rock and mud and when it rains the water gets deep and these boots keep my feet completely dry. Best boot out there for the money.

I bought these boots about three months ago and from day one they are by far the most comfortable boot I have ever put my foot in. Worth every penny. I will buy these boots for the rest of my working life. And the service I got when purchasing them was second to none. Knowledgeable, nice, courteous sales person. They made a customer for life.

If you have made it to this website and these reviews do yourself, your feet, your knees and your back a favor and just BUY NOW. I work in oil and gas in Alaska. I bought this boots in April 2020 I work a 2x2 schedule 13 hour days and average 15K steps a day. A coworker told me to get these and I have not looked back. Going to get another pair in the new darker color. I wear these a half size smaller, normally a 12 in other brands, 11.5 in these. I have seen other trades wearing these as well and they swear by them to. I have oiled them 2 times in 6 months and they feel great now and right out of the box.

I've had these boots for a few months now and they're working great. I needed a light weight boot with a safety toe because it's a work requirement and these boots are perfect. I'm on my feet a lot and have to walk quite a bit for my sign installations. The boots did require a little break in time but afterwards the boots just get more comfortable. Good quality and good looking boots. I'll definitely get more Irish setters in the future.

My employer gave us a $100 dollar voucher for some work boots at Redwing, looked at many boots but i choose the Wingshooter ST, what a wise choice! Theses are by far the most comfortable right out of the box boot i've ever bought!!!! paid $65. dollars out of pocket but what a deal! I will not wear these to work, I will wear them on Sunday drives on my Harley Road King!!!!! They are that worthy...... Thanks Redwing for selling these awsome Irish Setter Boots. ps I will continue buying them even without the company voucher!!!!

I am on my 7th pair... I get 2 great years out of each pair... I'm a local union #4 construction worker...I buy the same shoes over and over. This is the first and only pair of red wings I've tried on. This is a very good looking and quality pair of boots. If you are looking for comfort these are the boots. I work 40hrs plus a week in these boots. I have no complaints. Needless to say these are the only work boots I will wear until Red Wings discontinue them. Thanks Red Wings

Bought these a few months back and I'm overall happy with them. Can't give it 5 stars because the toes started fraying right away. Within 2 weeks of wearing them, the stitching around the moc began to fray and the leather was almost worn flat. I suspect that if I hadn't bought the steel toe version the moc would hold up much better. I had tried a few redwing boots and they made my toes go numb so I switched to these boots because they had a bigger toe box. I don't know if it's just soft leather or if it's because the hard steel underneath doesn't give at all, leaving it more susceptible to wear. I ended up having to apply Tuff Toe to the toe box to protect them from being destroyed. I don't think the toe box would have made it through another month of work without the seams coming apart. I'm a carpenter so I do a little bit of work on my knees but by no means did I do enough to warrant that kind of wear. My cheap timberlands made it 2 years before the toe wore through. I'd expect that after paying twice as much, I'd have longer life out of them. I purchased a pair of soft toe Ashby's and they haven't had the same problem. Thank God for Tuff toe or these boots would be a bust.

I just bought a pair of Irish setters they are so comfortable like walking on pillows i have worn sears die hard boots for.Years these boots are way better i finally realized if your a trades man like me your feet and boots are everything i love the setters

Not only are these boots esthetically pleasing but are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They feel like if you're wearing sneakers, but of course they are work boots with steel toes. Love them very much. I'm a Red Wing customer for life.

Best work boots if you know how to clean and oil your boots on a regular basis they last , I work underground construction road work asphalt walk on rock gravel mud dirt as a laborer I clean them every day brush em and oil them at least once a week and they have always been 100% water proof

This is now my 2nd pair the 1st ones I had for 31/2 yrs still in good shape I took then to the homeless shelter. The most comfortable working boots ever !! I try so many in my 45yrs wish I bought Red Wings 25 yrs ago

I bought the Irish setter Wingshooter ST about a month ago. Although i had some discomfort the first day i continued to wear them for a full 2-3 weeks. Eventually because of the continued pain i decided it would be best to alternate between these and a similar pair of American made Thorogood boots. Maybe in the next week ill try going exclusively to the IS ST. I gave them 3 stars because they seem to have been built well. I mainly work on concrete and spend some time on ladders.

I've worn the Ashby boot for some time now and always been pretty satisfied the wingshooter too, always took pride on it being made in America too but now I see them for sale everywhere so last pair I bought I checked, MADE IN VIETNAM, please explain, also contrare to the ultra dry once again first I checked but no ultra dry tag on boot as normal, and my boots don't get submerged , I'm a crane operator in a pre stress concrete production company 041b061a72


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