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Bomb Blast Full Movie Torrent

This film reminds me of both Elf and Splash, where the character who has been somewhere for ages discovers the new world of present society. Basically inventor Calvin Webber (Christopher Walken) built a strong bomb shelter under his house, and he and wife Helen Thomas Webber (Carrie's Sissy Spacek) become convinced that a nuclear blast happened, but they can't get out for 35 years, they are currently in the 1960s. When this time has passed their son, Adam (Brendan Fraser) is grown up and goes up to try and fit in to the world of the 1990s. Along the way he meets new friends Eve Rustikoff (Alicia Silverstone) and Troy (A Bug's Life's Dave Foley). It is Adam's naive nature, politeness and lack of all intelligence that not only makes him weird, but wins Eve's heart. Also starring Joey Slotnick as Soda Jerk/ Archbishop Melker. The highlight of the film for me is when Adam dances with two blonde women when looking for a girlfriend or wife, he is really good. Good!

Bomb Blast full movie torrent

When "Blast from the Past" came out, it looked kind of silly, especially since Brendan Fraser had just played a very good role in "Gods and Monsters". It turns out that this is a very well done movie. In this case, a scientist (Christopher Walken) and his wife (Sissy Spacek) move into their fallout shelter during the Cuban Missile Crisis and lock themselves in for 35 years when they think that a bomb has fallen. So, when their son is born in there, they continue raising him as though it's still 1962.When the door finally opens in the late 1990s, the dad walks out and gets mistaken for a God while thinking that his neighborhood has been populated by mutants! From there, much of the movie consists of the son (Fraser) leaving the shelter and interacting with people as he was raised to do. But when he meets a modern-day valley girl (Alicia Silverstone), his life just might change...if he can get out of the Perry Como mold.Anyway, "BFTP" is a really fun movie. I would say that it and Joe Dante's "Matinee" are the two great movies centering on the Cuban Missile Crisis ("Thirteen Days" was good but seemed one-sided). It sure would have been neat to experience this movie.

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SCENE 1: MOTEL ROOMFADE IN on super-close-up of TV screen, all snow; after a moment the channel is changed so that we\u2019re receiving a local news broadcast; LOCAL ANCHOR is speaking gravely as, behind him, a still of a recent bomb blast scene looms.SCENE 1A: LOCAL ANCHOROnce again, our top story, another bombing, this time of a local transit bus. As authorities scramble to respond to this latest incident\u2026FLASHBACKSequence B is a series of images of hands leaving a backpack on a bus, booted feet moving away, and an overhead, slow motion view of the bus exploding in a large fireball.LOCAL ANCHOR continuedWe\u2019ve learned that law enforcement is following leads to a possible domestic terror group. Police are looking for a man seen getting off of the bus moments before the explosion. The man is described as a Caucasian of average build, approximately 6 feet tall and one hundred seventy-five pounds. The man was wearing a denim jacket.The bus explodes into a fireball.Then we return to the motel room to see the bomber working over a very menacing-looking assembly of wires and lights. Perhaps he grunts in laughter at how clueless the news folks seem to be:LOCAL ANCHOR continuedNews Six has learned that authorities have already received claims of responsibility by known domestic terror groups\u2026\u2026and we\u2019ve begun tracking in tight to the television, until it again fills the frame.LOCAL ANCHOR continued\u2026but officials had no comment at this time, saying only that the FBI is following up on all leads and is coordinating with local law enforcement.News 6 reporter Lisa Vasquez spoke with Special Agent Jacobs, who is leading the investigation.SCENE 2: HOST SEGUECUT TO Exterior, mobile command post. VASQUEZ interviewing ARNOLD \u201cJAKE\u201d JACOBS, a veteran agent, we are in what seems to be a standard, handheld local news look (it\u2019s going to become a tracking shot, but for now it\u2019s stable:)VASQUEZWhat can you tell us about the investigation?JACOBSThere\u2019s a great deal of physical evidence and we\u2019re following up on all leads.VASQUEZDo you see any similarities between the earlier bombing and this one?JACOBSNot at this time.VASQUEZDo you think that both of the bombings could be the work of a single person?JACOBSWe can\u2019t say at this time\u2026(She\u2019s trying to move away, she\u2019s sticking with him)VASQUEZBut what about the bomber\u2019s letters to the newspapers? What can you tell us about that?JACOBSThis is an ongoing investigation and we\u2019re following up on all available resources to bring to justice, those who are responsible. That\u2019s all I can say for now, thank you.JACOBS crossed under the tape and we track along to stay with him as he reaches ANDREWS, his young female partner, and we shall hear a brief piece of their conversation, as we track slowly past them:ANDREWSWe\u2019ve got a couple of witnesses say that only one guy got off at this stop, walking with his head down, headed back in the direction the bus came from\u2026JACOBSOh, okay. So south, southeast\u2026ANDREWSRight\u2026JACOBSOkay, let\u2019s go through all the closed circuit TV potential. There\u2019s a lot of businesses in the area, maybe one of \u2018em got something on video.ANDREWSThey\u2019re checking.JACOBSGood\u2026what about forensics?Jacobs continues to ad lib as the camera moves past them and we come to a stop framed on our Guest Host, Annie WerschingWERSCHINGAs a business owner, you already know that \u201cCCTV\u201d, closed circuit television, can help deter or solve a crime on your premises.You\u2019re about to see that they can do even more. Your CCTV system might even help solve a terrorist attack.That is, if it\u2019s up to the task. Basic setup and maintenance problems reduce the performance of many systems.So, what about yours? Do your cameras provide enough resolution for facial recognition? Are they positioned for a clear view of the subject? Is the lighting adequate to capture clear images both day and night? Is your recorder set up for the best image detail? Are you maintaining and managing your system so that it can do its job when it\u2019s really needed?We\u2019re gonna show you how to get the most from your CCTV system and that starts with capturing \u201crecognition quality images\u201d , with the detail law enforcement needs to identify the people and events captured by your cameras.WE NOW SPLIT SCREEN TO THREE IMAGES: ANDREWS at FBI VIDEO LAB, which shrinks to make room for JACOBS and ANDREWS in a convenience store, talking to manager, which in turn shrinks to make way for ANDREWS visiting a local pharmacy or home improvements store and then we return to the VIDEO LAB frame and we expand it until it fills the entire screen.SCENE 3: FBI LABAt the moment, ANDREWS is talking to a white-coated technician and JACOBS enters.JACOBSWhaddawe have?ANDREWSYou want the good news or the bad news?JACOBSThere\u2019s good news?ANDREWSWe canvassed a pharmacy and they mentioned that someone came in and bought four gallons of FLAMMABLE LIQUID. The cashier thought is was a little weird, and also said the guy paid in cash.(INTERCUT FOOTAGE OF BOMBER PURCHASING LIQUID AND PAYING IN CASH)JACOBSPlease tell me there was a camera on his face.ANDREWSI\u2019ll get to that. We have another lead. A female who works the cheap motels on Route 60, says she was waiting on someone, and saw a guy matching the description wearing a denim jacket. Also said he had a tattoo on his neck. Said he came in, paid for five nights in cash. Said he didn\u2019t have any ID or credit cards and put another hundred on the counter.JACOBSDid we get him on camera?ANDREWSNo, the system wasn\u2019t running, and as for the pharmacy\u2026JACOBSWhat?ANDREWSWell we\u2019re getting to the Bad News part.JACOBSWhat, was the camera off?? Did they run out of tape? What?ANDREWSNo, we got him at the pharmacy.JACOBSSo, how is that bad?TECHNICIANIt might be easier if we just show him.TECHNICIAN brings up image on monitor. We see our subject enter the pharmacy but the flare from sunlight on the window makes him unrecognizable.JACOBSThat\u2019s the pharmacy?ANDREWSYeah. See, the sun is so bright on the doorway\u2026JACOBSYeah I see. No, I don\u2019t see. Wait, where did he go?TECHNICIANThe camera is using a low frame rate. Saves on drive space and gives you a better image quality. But, the problem is you might not get any image at all.JACOBSNow you see him, now you don\u2019t.TECHNICIANExactly. Here he is walking down the aisle way and picking out a couple of backpacks. Now, ERT found pieces of backpacks at both scenes consistent with the types sold at this store.We have a shot which might actually be worth something if a temporary sale display wasn\u2019t almost totally blocking the view; we can perhaps see the barest sliver of someone, maybe one arm and a slight bit of their neck.JACOBSThis is useless.TECHNICIANWe got a really good shot of that sign\u2026JACOBSWhich does what?TECHNICIAN(realizing this observation wasn\u2019t helpful:)Which does nothing. Here he is at the cash register.We see a full body shot of the subject but he\u2019s out of focus, unrecognizable.TECHNICIANAnd that is what we call a focus problem\u2026probably haven\u2019t checked the thing in weeks\u2026JACOBSCan you enhance it?TECHNICIANI\u2019m not a wizard, and we\u2019re not on TV, so no. I can enlarge it for you, but without the details\u2026(He enlarges the image which blurs into a collage of blurry pixels)JACOBS(trying to be reasonable rather than upset)So what we\u2019re seeing is, we would have had him, except for the sun on the door, the display blocking the view, the other camera set up. Someone tell me, is it so hard to get these things set up and useful?ANDREWSI mean it\u2019s not that hard\u2026but merchants aren\u2019t thinking about what we might need in law enforcement. They just figure, \u2018Hey, I\u2019ve got a camera, I\u2019m covered\u2019. They\u2019re not thinking about image quality.TECHNICIANYou know, we see this kind of thing everyday.JACOBSWhat kind of thing? English please.ANDREWSSmall words.(Jacobs gives her a look.)TECHNICIANI\u2019ll show you.SCENE 4: FBI LABTHEY MOVE TO TABLE on which we see examples of the all equipment about to be discussedTECHNICIANNow to start with, what most people would call \u201ctaking a picture\u201d we like to call \u201ccapturing an image\u201d or better yet, \u201ccapturing video data.\u201d The better the quality of the data, the better the quality of the image,the more you can see and the more you can do with it. Okay so far?JACOBSMakes sense.TECHNICIANNow, there\u2019s all kinds of equipment for capturing images. Setting up the best CCTV requires figuring out the best hardware for a business owner\u2019s needs. Now, some hardware is just no good for that no matter what.(holds up web cam, shows image of them in nearby monitor)This is a web cam. Check this out.TECHNICIANSee? Blurry, out of focus,okay for internet, totally awful if you need quality video. There\u2019s just not enough detail.We see the image freeze and degrade horribly when it\u2019s enlarged.TECHNICIANWe\u2019ve got a capture, but it\u2019s not what we call recognition quality, the resolution is too low.He is moving down the table, as though shopping, each kind of camera he names is represented:TECHNICIANWe got analog, digital, black and white, color\u2026all these cameras use chips and generally speaking, the bigger the chip the better the picture quality,you get better detail, more control of contrast like between very bright and very dim areas\u2026JACOBSLike in the pharmacy?TECHNICIANExactly, hey Andrews, do you mind walking over to the mannequin for me? We\u2019ll bring back our friend the webcam.LIGHTS BLAZE ON at One end of the room, perhaps there is an 8x10 picture or test pattern on an easel, or perhaps we take a picture of Andrews who steps in front of the camera.TECHNICIANCheck this out. Look familiar?Indeed, we have a flare out exactly like the pharmacy. Maybe even do a side by side look at both?TECHNICIANOkay now watch this. This is a good camera, high resolution. Plenty of dynamic range.The camera\u2019s image is crisp and sharp and the light seems useful rather than damaging.The bank of lights brightens, then dims, then brightens, and so on.TECHNICIANSee? A camera like this one has no trouble keeping up with shifting conditions. Far superior capture technology. Higher resolution. Better dynamic range. Here, look at \u2018em side by side.We see this view.JACOBSThere\u2019s no comparison.TECHNICIANExactly. The minimum camera resolution should be 480 horizontal lines.ANDREWSBut it\u2019s not just about resolution and range. That camera, the good one, also has a faster lens.JACOBS\u201cFaster\u201d?TECHNICIANA faster lens allows more light in. Has a larger maximum aperture opening, which lets more light through to the focal plane of the camera. Now what this does is\u2026it allows for brighter images in dimmer lighting. More light means more depth of field.TECHNICIAN BRINGS AGENTS TO TRANPARENT MONITOR AND DEMONSTRATES. SHOWS3D GRAPHIC explaining concepts of aperture opening/camera focal plane, depth of field.JACOBSDepth of field?TECHNICIANThe more depth of field you have, the more of the scene is in focus.ANDREWSYou also have to consider focal length.JACOBS(struggling:)Focal length?ANDREWSRight. Some cameras zoom in and out, where others have a fixed focal length, it all depends on what you need.TECHNICIANRight, say for anything at a point of transaction, like at a cash register or a toll booth the subjects head should fill at least 15% of the total image in frame giving you the detail you need.JACOBSSo you\u2019d like the back to school sign to be at zero percent, right?ANDREWSRight, lines of sight are always critical. You want to make sure there aren\u2019t any obstructions.TECHNICIANWhich is all part of having the right site plan. Now, here is a store blueprint.RESETWe see a frozen frame of the store.ANDREWSNow, this is retail so the key camera spots are transaction points\u2026JACOBSCash registers?ANDREWSRight, and entrances and exits.JACOBSDo we need both?ANDREWSThe more the better.These locations being marked on wireframe diagram.TECHNICIANYou\u2019re going to want cameras here\u2026here\u2026here\u2026and here. Now, you\u2019ll have to throw in some extra coverage for restrooms, and the aisles, and other key points.ANDREWSCan you show coverage?The wireframe now includes alternate colored cones or other indicators of the cameras\u2019 range of coverage.TECHNICIANOf course. Hang on. Oh, good overlap.ANDREWSRight, you want multiple chances to capture a good image\u2026We track the following in the diagram:TECHNICIAN\u2026Guy comes in here, boom, got him. Guy goes over to get a snack or something, boom, got him again. Guy comes over to check out, boom. Exits the building and, boom.ANDREWSAlso, the camera height is very important you want to make sure it\u2019s as close to eye level as possible. Otherwise you might lose out to a baseball cap. And with a good site plan you can make sure you don\u2019t have any blind spots.Maybe a blind spot flashes red in the diagram?ANDREWSYou can toy around with the camera positions. Do a test recording to make sure you\u2019re getting what you wanted.Maybe we see, in diagram, the X\u2019s marking camera spots moving slightly and the blind spots narrowing and the vanishing altogether.We collapse the wire frame and we\u2019re back in the real world.CUT, SCENE CHANGETECHNICIANAnother big thing here is lighting.JACOBSI thought lens speed took care of light problemsANDREWSIt helps, but it isn\u2019t the whole ball gameJACOBSThen what kind of camera do we get\u2026TECHNICIANOh, no, I\u2019m talking about actual lights. Here. Take a look at this.Show sequence of three still images: register with good lighting in morning, register with area behind counter showing high contrast in afternoon, then light bank added to even out the lighting.TECHNICIANSee, the lighting is great in the morning, but by the afternoon the sun\u2019s blowing out the whole frame.He adds light, the picture improves.TECHNICIANBut look, you add an extra bank of lights to fill in during the afternoon and you get more clarity. See, you can balance bright light from one direction with light from another source. You\u2019re adding more light, but it\u2019s from another direction and it helps even things out.He demonstrates.ANDREWSAnd sometimes if you have bright light through a big window, you have no choice but to, say, tint the window or put up a shade. And if you\u2019re outside, in the street or parking lot you need to set up timers on your artificial lights. You\u2019d rather them coming on a little earlier than a little later.TECHNICIANTake a look at this. This is a gas station we worked with, they were having break-ins at the rear of the building, and they had a good quality camera and lights on a timer but they weren\u2019t keeping up with how much earlier it was getting dark. Chance to see the bad guy and we miss it.Robber exiting car and pulling on mask, but we can\u2019t make him out.TECHNICIANSo they adjust their timer. A few days later, THE SAME guy tries it AGAIN,but this time we got him.Similar footage, but the light is much better, face very clear.JACOBSSo I use higher resolution?TECHNICIANYep.JACOBSAnd\u2026control for the right depth of field and contrast.TECHNICIAN and ANDREWStogetherYep.JACOBSThen if I put together a site plan with the correct camera coverage, positioning, frames per second, and lighting, and I\u2019m more likely to get a recognition-quality recording.TECHNICIANYou got it!CUT TO Bomber, still working in hotel room, focused, diligent \u2026 possibly cut to medium close-up but there is only static and snow where his face ought to be.CUT


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